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Paris Marathon Dress Rehearsal

paris_marathon_outfitSo here we are, only 2 days to the Paris Marathon. If I think back to my 7 months of training I remember one particular Sunday run at 6 am under the pouring rain. During that run I doubted my sanity more than once, but I enjoyed it. And I was thinking that all those efforts were to be channeled into one very moment. It feels odd to think that moment is now. Continue reading


See you later Supinator

shoes558758After 5 months of training and 700 Km under my shoes I foolishly believed I was immune to injuries. All I needed was a sound training plan and proper running form after all.

But then I got greedy. I saw myself improving and got carried away with speed.
It seemed like a natural progression but now I can’t help thinking that I should have stuck to my first goal, which was finishing the Paris Marathon.

First it was shin splints, then hip pain and finally the knee. I am a living book of common running injuries.

Here's my sexy knee

Here’s my sexy knee

I did an MRI and went to see a specialist. According to the doctor my situation is not worrying but there is a problem with my running gait: Apparently I underpronate.
Also called supination, underpronation is when the foot rolls outwards on/after landing. This puts extra strain on the inside of the knee, causing inflammation (and other bad things, like increasing mortgage rate).
In order to fix this I was prescribed custom orthotic insoles with support on the outside of the foot.

I tried running again in my new insoles and everything was fine for the first 3 Km, then pain in my left knee kicked in. The pain was not sharp but it seemed worsening with time. I did 8 Km in the end.
I also tried running on the treadmill and I started feeling a slight discomfort 4.5 Km in. Here’s the slow motion video of my running gait:

I’m no expert but it seems quite clear I land on the outside of the foot, I cannot tell how severely though. Nonetheless it’s seems a lot when multiplied by thousands of times.
With the Paris Marathon only a week away and very little training in the last two months, I highly doubt I will make it to the starting line.
For example, look at my heart rates below: Same route, same distance, same pace, only two months apart.
Pretty amazing stuff! Ok, I know, I’m a nerd.
The worst thing is the feeling of having lost the fitness gained in months of training. I feel like I have worked on my computer for months and now I have to go back to an old save because of a blackout. It’s that feeling of having to do it all again.
But I will do it all again, although I might need to change the name of the blog to “Noobs in Berlin” ;)

See you later, Supinator!

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180 bpm

Beat_Kouple_Ingrid_MonzoWhat has clubbing got to do with running?

Imagine that you could improve your running form by just increasing your cadence, getting as close as possible to 180 bpm. Imagine that running with a metronome bores you out of your mind. Now imagine having long drum’n’bass mixes that you could use to keep the rhythm at 180 bpm. And finally imagine you actually like drum’n’bass. Continue reading


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