From non-runner to running-addicted

How is my running?


Most probably my marathon t-shirt

Most probably my marathon t-shirt

I have the feeling that my previous post was a bit too serious, and although running is serious bizniz, I want to stay true to myself.

So I made the t-shirt that I’ll probably wear during the marathon. Hopefully it will make some people chuckle along the way.

But now, seriously, how is my running form?

I know that I had pretty bad form to start off with and I know I’m working to improve it, but it’s difficult for me to see if I’m doing it right.
The first thing I had to work on was overstriding. Overstriding is when your foot lands in front of the body, and it’s a bad thing because it maximizes impact and reduces linear velocity.
The good thing is that the 180 bpm cadence forces me to take small steps, thus preventing the heel strike that usually comes with the longer stride.

At the beginning I was running on my toes and it was pretty uncomfortable.
Then one thing that Pose Method guru Romanov said really got stuck into my mind: “The way the foot lands is not your damn business”. Ok maybe I’ve put the “damn” in but the point is to stay relaxed and let the body do its thing.

That for me applies to running in general. The less I think about it, the less effort I need to put in for the same outcome. It’s a bit like Quantum Physics: When I’m not looking at my Garmin infinite possibilities exist, included me not making any effort in running at 5:30/km. But when I look my heart rate skyrockets!

Anyway I borrowed a small high-speed camera from a colleague and shot this video of me attempting the forefoot running technique. How’s my running?

2 thoughts on “How is my running?

  1. Love the shirt. It did make me laugh!

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